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Transmission Service (925 views)

Transmission Service


The transmission is a device located between the engine and the wheels of a vehicle that control the speed and power.  It  provides a way for changing the ratio between engine RPM and driving wheel RPM to meet each driving situation.  The transmission is one of the most complicated systems in your vehicle.  It uses a complex mix of hydraulics and gears to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.  This can also create a lot of heat and friction.


Transmission fluid provides lubrication to gears bearings, shafts, and other components of your transmission.  Heat, pressure and friction can slowly breakdown the additives in the transmission fluid. Transmissions create a lot of internal heat through friction; the friction of the fluid churning inside the torque converter, friction created when the clutch plates engage, and the normal friction created by gears and bearings carrying their loads.


 For optimum protection, change transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or whatever your vehicle's manufacturer suggests. 90% of all transmission failures are caused by overheating, blamed on worn out fluid that should have  been replaced.  To ensure that you don't end up with costly repairs, bring your vehicle in for a transmission service.


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