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Drivability Diagnostics (946 views)

Drivability Diagnostics



Drivability refers to anything having to do with how your vehicle is performing while on the road.  From the fuel system to the other systems like the ignition, distributor, exhaust system, brakes, tires, suspension, and thelist could go on and on.  With the proper diagnostics you can zero in on the problem and solve it before it can become a major issue.


One of the main areas that this diagnostic will look at is the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).  This is the engines control system, the onboard computer in every vehicle that acts as the brain of the engine.  


An analysis will aslo seek out any problems that hinder your vehicle engine's performance, such as:

-idle smoothness

-hot and cold starting procedures

-efficient throttle responses

-effective power delivery


In many situations, the more common problems surface because we neglect or are unaware of proper care of our car. Electronic systems are one example, emissions are another. They can be a delicate pieces of equipment. Frequent or scheduled drivability diagnostics checks should be preformed.


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