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Cooling System Repair (1004 views)

Cooling System Repair


A cooling system repair on most vehicle's can range from simple to extremely difficult.  First, you should look for the obvious problems.  Raise the hood while the car is hot and look for any leaks.  If you can see steam rising from a hose, you know that it will need to be replaced.


The cooling system plays an important role in a vehicle's performance.  If not running properly the engine could become extremely hot, overheat and could even melt.  Just as the name suggests, the cooling system helps keep your engine cool and running.


There are many parts to the cooling system.  Anti-freeze does more than just keep things from freezing.  It also has anti-boil and anti-corrosive properties, too. As it travels through the radiator and engine, it helps keep everything at the right temperature.  The cooling fan circulates air through the radiator to disperse engine heat into the surrounding air.  Without the cooling fan, the engine would quickly overheat.  There are also the pressure cap, radiator cap, radiator, coolant reservoir, brive belt, fan belt, the thermostat and many more parts to the cooling system.  It's always a good idea to have a professional check your car's cooling system.



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