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Brake Inspection & Service (1056 views)

Brake Inspection & Service


The brake system is a vital component of driving safely, ensuring that the vehicle has the ability to stop.  The brake system not only insures the vehicle's safety, but that of its' passengers and everyone else on the road.  Periodic inspection of the brake system's components can help to ensure efficient performance while avoiding costly repairs.


There are many components to a brake system, from the brake pedal to the brake master cylinder, to hydraulic brake fluid to power brake booster, disc brakes to drum brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors.  This is why you should trust experts to check your vehicle's brake system.


How do you know when to take your vehicle in for inspection?  Most experts reccommend inspections every 2,000 miles.  Here are also a list of common signs of wear to watch for in your brakes:

-A low or spongy pedal, which can mean there’s air in the hydraulic system

-A red brake-warning light that could indicate an imbalance in the system

-An amber brake-warning light that could signal a problem with the ABS system

-Continuous squeals and grinding sounds – these may mean it’s time for new brake pads or shoes

-Brake pad and rotor thickness – worn pads or rotors that are too thin cannot dissipate the extreme heat produced during braking

-Brake shoe and drum diameter – worn shoes or drums not only dissipate less heat, they can cause greater brake pedal travel


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