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Automotive Steering and Suspension Service (2611 views)

Automotive Steering and Suspension Service


A properly working steering and suspension system can enhance the comfort of your vehicle's ride and is essential for keeping safe control of your car. 

To maintain control of your car, the wheels need to be in firm contact with the road at all times. Pulling, bouncing, and uneven or excessive tire wear and poor steering control are all symptoms of steering, suspension, or alignment problems.

Shock absorbers and strut assemblies work with the suspension, springs and tires to make your vehicle ride smoother over rough roads. They help reduce the bounce on the wheels, making the ride safer.

Today's front wheel drive automobiles are equipped with new suspension systems that combine lighter weight with more durable performance. When any of these suspension systems need service, it is important to take care of them immediately or your vehicle can become hard to steer and control, and your tires will wear out sooner.

One indication that your suspension needs service is uneven wear on your tires. If the steering wheel binds or drags when you turn it, you could have a rack and pinion problem. Clicking or clacking noises, especially when turning sharply, are symptoms of CV joint problems.

Replacing youur car's struts and shocks when required is critically important to your safety and reduces the cost of operating your through reduced tire wear, better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs on other suspension and steering components.  Finding a suspension or steering problem early on can mean the difference between simple maintenance and a costly repair.



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